Disinfection or Sterilization of Flexible Endoscopes? A Newly Proposed Device Scheme
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In this free webinar, Lawrence Muscarella will assist healthcare facilities seeking guidance on how to efficiently and cost-effectively transition from disinfection to sterilization of flexible endoscopes.

He will discuss background information regarding “superbug” HAIs linked to different types of contaminated flexible endoscopes, including bronchoscopes (and intubation endoscopes), and he'll detail the CDC's and FDA’’s current classification of medical devices: critical, semi-critical, and non-critical.

Muscarella will introduce a new classification scheme, which – for the first time – divides flexible endoscopes in this semi-critical classification into one of three categories (low, moderate, high risk), based on the documented risk of the endoscope infecting patients with CRE or a related carbapenem-resistant (or colistin-resistant) multidrug-resistant organism, or MDRO. 

Lawrence F. Muscarella, PhD, is the president of LFM Healthcare Solutions LLC, an independent quality improvement and healthcare safety company that he founded in 2013.

Dr. Muscarella is an independent safety expert who advises hospitals, manufacturers and others, including the public, about medical errors, the safety of medical devices, and the causes of infections in healthcare facilities, among other topics.

His knowledge and expertise in hospital safety are internationally recognized. Click here for his bio and CV.

This web-based activity is recognized for one (1) hour CE Credit sponsored by Ambu Inc., Columbia, MD. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing.